Patch notes: 0.6.6 Mercenary Event


This patch brings in a new concept of how players can progress through the difficulty of what Journey Online is. With the mercenaries, players can now challenge tougher fights. It is important to know that mercenaries will never be as strong as other players can be at that stage of the game (A player with a full battle formation of tier 7 equipment and adventurers will almost always be stronger than the common and uncommon mercenaries. Super Rare mercenaries are about a mid geared player).


  • Event: Mercenaries
    • Mercenaries are an individual player driven event where players can hire mercenary battle formations to help them battle throughout the world of Journey Online
    • Players can get these events in a time period from 1-4 days and retain them in their tavern for 5 to 8 days.
      • Depending on the players progress in the game, the visiting mercenaries come in 7 tiers of strength.
    • While the mercenaries are in the tavern, players can hire them for a cost of TP (traveling points).
    • Mercenary battle formations come in three tiers. The second and the third tier formation must be unlocked through the global use of TP for battles.
    • Wandering mercenaries come in four types of rarities:
      • Common
      • Uncommon
      • Supeeeeer Rare (Not that rare, just better than the rest.)
      • Special
    • The main difference between the rarities are the stats of the mercenaries and the type of “characters” the mercenary battle formations have (Example: Common mercenaries might be made of simple knights and goblins, while Supppppeeeeer rare mercenaries can have a Golem).
    • At this stage there is roughly 30 different types of mercenaries that can visit your tavern.
    • In all gameplay (excluding PVP) the leader of the group play can add mercenaries in the ally side of Battle Formations.
    • Including mercenaries to help you, the leader will have to pay an increased amount of TP for the battle (Only the leader of the group and not other squad members will have the increased TP).


  • Dianas (Tavern maid) event listing will now display the Mercenary event individually to each player.
  • In most cases where players “prepare” for the battle, the prepare to battle window has been updated to match the new design.
    • This UI window also has new functionality where players can see both enemy and ally battle formations.
    • Leader players (either in squad play or solo) can now add mercenary formations before they begin the fight.
  • The Squad ready prompt has been updated to show mercenaries that the leader chosen for the fight.
  • In Battle, the battle result window, will now move the player to the Prepare to Battle window whenever there is an option of “Replay”.
  • In Battle, the battle statistics window has been updated to show the leading players hired mercenaries and their statistics.
  • The Power UP window has been updated to match the new design
  • The Power UP window now has some more verification checks so players wont be able to accidentally power up instead of evolve their adventurer.
  • In Squad window, the text on the buttons has been re-scaled to match the size of the buttons
  • Guild Wanted quests XP reward has been up-scaled by 50%.


  • Fire/Water pandas UA now properly levels up.
  • There was an issue where XP/Gold events didn’t reset and reschedule automatically.
  • Battle result window will no longer bug when there is no Gold event active. This only happened on a loss and it prevented the players to Replay the battle.
  • Adventurer banner text now properly shows the S grade adventurer text instead of double a grade adventurer text.
  • All summons will now properly adjust to the current value of the Summoners AP, ATK, DEF and RES. This means that if the summoner “AT SUMMONING” has a DEF enchant that increases its DEF by 50%, the summon will receive that benefit and will retain it for its entire summoned duration.
    • Note: This only works on Enchants and Curses that directly manipulate the stat. Enchants such as Wrath do not do that.
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