Patch notes: 0.6.8 Mercenary Upgrades



  • Mercenaries can now be upgraded 2 times per each tier reached.
    • You can upgrade the mercenaries ATK/AP/DEF/RES/HP for 5/10/15% per tier level.
    • Only one stat can be selected and upgraded per tier
    • Mercenary upgrades are reset when new mercenaries visit your tavern.
    • The regular mercenary window has been upgraded with the “Upgrade tab”


  • If the tavern has visiting mercenaries, that player will receive a notification when logged in to the game.
  • Increased raid spawn rates
  • Small increase in rare raid spawns at tier 7 (Blessed and Imperial)
  • Reduced the timer for mercenary CD (max possible timer went from 3 to 2 days)
  • Small increase in rare mercenary spawns in tavern (rarity 3 and 4)


  • Tutorial fights will now properly display the correct adventurer information on HOLD action. (Used to be Red female swordsman)
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