Development blog: 0.1.10 December – Undead are coming

Content is the main word of January, with a major content update coming out at the end of it. This is the update that will represent Journey Online progressing on to Open Beta phase. However, before I began working on the content update around mid November, I updated a few other things. First thing on […]

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Alpha 0.1.10 patch notes

Patch notes for alpha 0.1.9 For the third wave of our Closed Alpha invites, we establish some ground rules!   New features:   As you choose the username that will represent you in-game, you will be presented with our Privacy Policy, this is necessary for our continued existence.   Do you get bored while waiting […]

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Developer blog: 0.1.9 October

A good two weeks has passed since the last developer update and what a fortnight it was! Since the last I spoke to you guys Journey Online has started its closed alpha and we had quite a few people trying it out and giving us feedback. The alpha testing started with the patch 0.1.8, which […]

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In Journey Online players can team up in squads of 4 players to defeat monsters in real world adventuring or simply grinding dungeons and fields from staying home. There are no downsides for players that want to group up and experience the game together. Instead, if players are close to eachother in the real world, […]

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Alpha 0.1.9 patch notes

Patch notes for alpha 0.1.9 With the second wave of closed alpha invites comes a second closed alpha patch!   New features:   Our lovely barmaid Diana has agreed to help us train new Guild leaders! She will be giving you a tour around the Tavern, helping new players understand how things work in Journey […]

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Event: Monthy Login

Every player is eligable to participate in the Monthly Login Event. All you have to do is to log in to the game at least once a day and you can get some amazing rewards at the end of the month. To get the reward at the end you are required to log in at […]

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Alpha 0.1.8 patch notes

Patch notes for alpha 0.1.8 Surprise! We squeezed one more patch out just in time for the Closed Alpha test – lets dive right in.   New Features:   Not sure how to use your skills correctly in the 3×3 battle formation? well now you have these nifty icons showing you exactly how the skill […]

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Closed alpha test 30.09 – 30.10

Greetings everyone! We would like to invite everyone to come and test our game during the closed alpha from 30.09.2018 12.00 UTC  to 30.10.2018 12.00 UTC. Alpha invites have been sent out on  25.09.2018. If you do not see your alpha invite in your email be sure to check your spam folder. If you still […]

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Developer blog: 0.1.7 September

Version 0.1.7 was finally finished and deployed already in the closed alpha stage on Google Play store. Alpha testers will be able to start their testing on the 30th September. This will be the first alpha test that will include a selected few of the many sign ups. Unfortunately we wont be able to select […]

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Alpha 0.1.7 patch notes

Patch notes for alpha 0.1.7 Hey everyone, its been a while huh? how about we do some catching up.   New Features:   Going on Adventures and doing combat against goblins and other evil creatures infesting your home now has a chance to leave behind a shadow of yourself behind. Other players have a chance […]

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